Allergy free Guacamole!

So, one of the hardest things about our food lifestyle, is that going to parties and get togethers can get scary and nearly impossible to enjoy, especially while eating. One great item we regularly bring with us, that is always a big hit, is Guacamole!  You can easily make a large portion of it, and it can be VERY yummy, if made right! :) Here is my recipe for "food free" guac, that has never let me down. It is great coupled with Tostitos Natural Blue or yellow corn tortilla chips, which are safe as well!

TOSTITOS® SIMPLY NATURAL™ Blue Corn Tortilla ChipsAllergy Mommy's "Food Free" Guac:
5-6 ripe avocados
1/2 cup Herdes mild salsa (or medium if you want it to be more spicy)
Juice from 1 ripe lime
1 tbsp of chipotle flavored Tabasco
1 tbsp fresh cilantro coarsely chopped
Possibly salt (to taste)

Cut avocados in half, and use a spoon to pop them out from the shell in complete halves. Cut them only slightly, leaving large chunks still. Add lime juice and stir. This will cause the chunks to get smaller but still be chunky. add the salsa and Tabasco  and stir. Taste, and add salt &/or more chipotle Tabasco if desired. Once you like the flavoring, add the cilantro. I typically add the cilantro last, because it's flavor can override the other flavors when it's first put in, so to make sure it taste good outside the cilantro I add it last. If the chunks are too large at this point, for what you like, just stir a little more, and this will make them smaller over time, we just like chunky guac!

Chill, and then Enjoy!
Side note here: This is also really yummy on burgers!

As always, I hope this helps you on your journey to a "food free" lifestyle that leaves you craving more of the foods you have, and less of the ones you shouldn't!
Love, The Allergy Mommy


  1. Oh YUM I am craving this right now!

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