The frustration with Doctors... and finding a new one!

Hello Mommies, I have had a few different emails lately about the frustration of Doctors, and their unwillingness to actually help. Before we moved to our current location for school, I had the best doctors on the face of the planet. I simply LOVED them. AND for anyone in the Sacramento, CA area that is having these issues... You should try to get on with them. Dr.Yinka Davies (pediatric gastroenterology) and Dr.Laura Sorgea (Pediatric PC)... Anyway, they were the most proactive, loving, and devoted Doctors. BUT, we didn't come by them easily, and replacing them now that we are in a new place, has proved nearly impossible. We really lucked out, and have an incredible pediatrician here. She cares, and is really good at what she does. So, what I wanted to do with this post, is talk about what to look for in a doctor, and why these things are so important, especially when you're trying to find a specialist in pediatrics, as children depend on us to advocate for them... So, here we go.
1.When you go to the doctor because your child is having trouble keeping food in, whether they are losing food through vomiting or diarrhea, or if they are refusing food all together you should never accept "That's ok, this is normal, it will subside".. or "The child weight is fine, so they should grow out of this"... or my personal Favorite "this happens with a lot of children we see", plus any other myriad of responses here. A vomiting child, a child with constant diarrhea, or a child that does not eat is NOT normal. Nor is a child with constant constipation, excessive gas or burping, or a child that constantly cries.  If a Doctor you see tells you this, to me it is there way of saying "I've seen it, don't know what to do to fix it, and I'm not about to do anything to figure out how I can". You as their Mother, or father, know things the doctors do not. You may not have been through years of medical school, rotations, and a residency, but you're not brain dead either. If you are reading my blog, than you must at very least have an inkling that something isn't quite right. There is a chance that there is absolutely nothing wrong but a slightly finicky digestive system, but as a mommy I'm not willing to take the chance until every resource has been tapped, and every scan has been run, every test has been proven, and every option tried. These are our babies, and we have a duty to advocate for them. To fight when they need help, and not take the easy route, because it's less expensive or more convenient.
I'm here to tell you, our road is not always an easy, but I promise you 10 times over, it will ALWAYS be worth it. Your child will always be worth the extra effort, and they will always be grateful you did everything you could to give them the best possible life and comforts you could afford them.
So, in this long, arduous, and at times painfully discouraging, journey we are on, find each other! Be there for one another, and help when you can. It lightens the load and burden to know that you are not alone, and as long as you don't want to be, you never will be. I'm grateful every moment of my day for the tender mercies a loving Heavenly Father has so sweetly blessed me with. I will never completely understand each individual circumstance that comes my way, but I promise, I will always have love and empathy for your struggles, and do all that I can to lighten the load this new life may bring! As always, may this help you on this journey to a "food free" lifestyle that leaves you craving more of what you have, and less of what you shouldn't!
Love, The Allergy Mommy!

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