Recipe Contest with Prizes from SoDelicious & Bobs Red Mill!

Hello my Friends, It is with great pleasure I announce our upcoming recipe contest. This has been a definite work in progress, and as we are currently packing for our big move back to California, I have been working on getting a contest going... Since every contest is so much more fun with a prize, SoDelicious and Bobs Red Mill have been so gracious as to donate some treats for you to work for! Our first week is going to be centered around recipes using SoDelicious Coconut milk products with the prize up for grabs being 2 certificates for a free SoDelicious item of your choice. Our second week is going to be centered around recipes using Bobs Red Mill gluten free flours, with the prize being a 4 pack of white rice flour, brown rice flour, sorghum flour and tapioca flour delivered to you directly from our beloved Bobs Red Mill! All recipes must be gluten/egg/dairy/soy free so that everyone who is a part of our blog community can partake in the sweet delights that come from the submissions. We are so excited and really hoping to get some wonderful recipes to share with all of you. More details to come the day before our first week start (march 25th), so stay tuned, and tell your friends! As always, may this help you on your journey towards a "food free" lifestyle that leave you craving more of what you can, and less of what you shouldn't!
The Allergy Mommy!

Bobs Red Mill
Almond, Coconut and Soy beverages, ice creams and yogurts
SoDelicious Coconut milks

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