Top 10 great allergy-free store-bought Snack ideas for kiddos

So, a dear friend of mine asked me to do a few different posts on good foods for kiddos that are needing food that tastes good, but is allergy free... So, here we are. I hope this helps in some way! This is a top 10 list of our favorite, "Tried-n-true" foods and snacks that are ready for you right off the shelf. Some of these are a bit pricey, but they are great for when you are out of an ingredient/time, or just need something available in a pinch, or when you need something to bring to a gathering (like a BBQ). All of these are free of dairy/casein, egg, wheat/gluten, and soy. I hope it helps! If you know of any on great snack we could add to our ever growing list, we would LOVE to know! Please email us, or leave a comment, and we'll add it asap!! WE HAVE UPDATED THIS LIST for new choices, and that can be found HERE

  1. "Enjoy Life" Snicker-doodle cookies. These are typically found the gluten free section at the store (walmart does have them in the GF section), but not every store carries them. Also give the ginger-bread cookies a try, they are great too! Check out the whole cookie line HERE They are very soft & chewy!
  2. "Annies Organic" peanuty granola bar (the only downside to these is QQ. We've had entire boxes of them that were so rock hard, we had to throw them all out, arg! Target carries these at most stores)
  3. Fruit shredz by Plum Organics. These are a favorite around our house. They are perfect for throwing in the diaper bag, and both my 1 yr old and 4 year old LOVE them. They taste great, aren't sticky, and are easily picked/vacuumed up if spilled.  
  4. Little Cremes by Plum Organics & Gerber Fruit and Veggie Melts , these are the "safe" alternative to the yogurt melts many little kiddos get...
  5. Crunchmaster GF multi-grain crackers
  6. Enjoy Life Chewy Bars, these are a soft chewy "granola bar". They are a bit small, but very filling and great for little hands
  7. "So delicious" coconut milk ice creams & treats. Please make sure you read the label on these as some of them have soy products in them!
  8. Plum Organics Mashups (do not mix these up with plum organics as those have dairy)
  9. Enjoy Life Plentils!!!! Tasty snack in a small snack pack! If you're looking for something packed with flavor, and crunch, you've got to get your hands on these!!!
  10. "Amande" almond milk yogurt. Our favorite flavors are strawberry and peach, or SoDelicious coconut milk yogurts. Our favorite flavors are plain and strawberry..
A few of our other favorite things to make snacks include some of these handy dandy items... Happy snacking!!!

  • "Naked" fruit drinks. We love the mighty mango and green machine. Make sure you get the "Naked" brand, as Odwalla brand tends to use soy in a lot of their products! EEKS!
  • "Al Fresco" sausages (the healthier and safe version of a hotdog, haha". The sweet apple chicken one is what we get, and we LOVE it. Aidells also has some chicken sausages that are safe. We love these sausages, especially when we're going to a BBQ with friends, and want to be able to eat something.
  • "Stretch Island Fruit co." fruit leathers & welches fruit snacks (all flavors)
  • "Olivio" coconut spread (It's butter, made from coconut oil, and it's soooooo good. Especially in oatmeal) is amazing if you make fresh popcorn, and use this instead of butter!!! 
  • "Tostitos Natural" organic blue corn tortilla chips w/Herdes mild salsa
  • "Dole" Fruit cups. We typically do pears as they are easier on the digestive tract than many fruits
  • Corn Tortillas (Not all brands are soy and wheat free, so make sure you read the label) for tacos.
  • Candies:  There are lots of candies that are safe, but the easiest ones to find are Skittles, starburst, Mentos!, and "Haribo" brand gummies. Not all of their gummy stuff is safe, but a large majority is, so take a look at their stuff next time you're at the store. We normally get the gummy bears, gummy worms, & frogs, so I know these ones are safe.
  • If you're not having to do the gluten/wheat free Rolls Gold pretzels are otherwise safe, just don't get the flavored ones, as most of those have some sort of dairy.
  • Morning Muffins Oatmeal. It's super yummy, and super healthy (though the sugar content is pretty high). They can be found at target and many other health food stores too. They are great for when you're on the road. Just bring a cup that can be microwaved or withstand very hot temps, and a spoon!
  • Fresh home made popcorn is a great snack for peeps older than 2 (chocking hazard for lil ones)

I'll be doing an actual Gluten post here in the next few days. We're in the process of moving right now, so bare with me!!! In the mean time, go pic up some treats and relax! With love and admiration, for your willingness to work hard and make food still taste good!
Love, The Allergy Momma

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