Quick list of Grocery store needs when learning to cook for MFPI

While chatting with some new friends yesterday I realized there was an important post I had failed to write... The basics grocery needs every "food free" fridge and pantry needs to cook somewhat normal food. Hopefully this list will help you with getting the basics while you figure out what your more regular needs are going to be.

  • Brown or White rice flour by Bobs Red Mill!
  • Pick one other type of gluten free flour: Sorghum & millet are regularly used in recipes, so either of these is a good choice.
  • Earth Balance soy free "buttery spread" or Earth balance Coconut spread (coconut butter): This will be your butter substitute. The buttery spread tastes a lot like margarine, and the coconut butter is great in oatmeal or on toast with jam/preserves.
  • Coconut, flax or Almond milk: I would get the unsweetened almond to start if you are used to 2% or whole milk, and the coconut or flax if you are used to 1% or non-fat, as the tastes are more similar in these matches. We prefer SoDelicious Coconut milk
  • Spectrum Coconut/flax Oil/canola/olive oils. Vegetable oil typically contains a large amount of soy. Spectrum oil are high quality oils with superior taste, and are Organic to boot! If you are a big baker, I would also pick up a container of the spectrum shortening to replace any baked goods that call for crisco (crisco contains soybean oil, and many other things you should not be ingesting. 
  • Ener-G egg replacer: This will be used in your baked good in the place of any eggs that are called for. Warning, this does not work with things that are primarily egg based ie: Angel food cake.
  • Vegenaise soy free: This is your mayo replacement
  • Brianna's dressings or Kraft "olive oil" dressings: The Kraft Italian olive oil dressing is safe, as well as the honey mustard and poppy-seed dressings by Brianna's. Both of these can be found at walmart super stores, as well as more health food store carry the Brianna's..
  • Xanthan gum: This is what will hold you baked goods together, since you won't have the gluten in your flour to do that for you. Many gluten free recipes call for either Xanthan gum or Guar gum. We like Bobs Red Mill best!
  • Loaf of Food for life brown rice bread (you'll want something that is quick and easy to snack on, it's great with both of the butter options and jam or honey!
  • A breakfast cereal. There are several available at most "big-box" store that are "food free". They aren't intensely flavorful, but they work when you need some food quick, without too much fuss. Gluten free rice krispies, gluten free corn or rice checks, gluten free fruity pebbles (who knew, right), kix, cheerios, and a few of the health food brand Kashi (but I think these taste awful!).
  • Lots of fruit and Veggies, and a really high quality vitamin!

There are always going to be other items you will need, but this is a good staple list to get you started so you're not starving! If you need some help finding more "staple" foods, feel free to email me, and I'll do the best I can to help! But, As always, may this help you on your journey to a "food free" lifestyle that leave you craving more of the foods you have and less of the foods you shouldn't!
Love, The allergy Mommy!

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  1. I am so sorry that you have to worry about so much with your little ones! I'm sure it was frustrating especially in the beginning. This is a great list even for those without allergies. Some of my favorite and best healthy recipes comes from my sister in law that is allergic to many things including sugars, natural sugar, gluten, dairy, etc. I am writing down this list for the next time I go to Costco!