New off the shelf "safe" treat!

In my grocery shopping this week, I stumbled upon a lovely new little treat! Chewy granola bars, in four flavors, of course by my favorite "food free" brand, none other than... Enjoy Life! I LOVE THESE GUYS! This company also has an Amazing cookbook that I've ranted and raved about a few times, that I tell every allergy mommy to buy "Cookies for everyone"... In any event,we only chose 1 flavor because of what tastes I know my little ones likes (and other food allergies to coco and berries), but I of course bought all the boxes they had of the caramel apple, even before tasting them, knowing that they would taste great... Because lets be honest, that's just how Amazing Enjoy Life foods are!

They are on sale for 2.99/box right now at my local grocery store, but are regularly priced at 3.99/box. They taste oh so yummy, and we are so grateful to have yet another yummy snack for my allergy prone darling. Thank you a million times Enjoy Life. You've saved us so many times before, and never seem to let us down. We're "Lifers", I just know it! Enjoy!

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