Cookies for Everyone by: Enjoy Life.. A cookbook that EVERYONE should own!

Why Hello again... It's so nice to be able to write regularly on here again! I have great news... There is a "treat" cookbook made for cooks like us. You know, the ones who don't have any ingredients to cook with, but still need to manage to be able to make a yummy treat to eat. One of my absolute favorite companies out there,  Enjoy Life!, makes some of the yummiest "food free" treats you can find.  I LOVE their snicker-doodle cookies!  I stumbled upon their COOKBOOK! Yes, you read that right, their cookbook!!!! :) Of course I purchased one immediately, and eagerly await it's arrival. How I didn't know about it sooner is beyond me, but I am so excited about it, I can hardly sit still. The reviews for it are FABULOUS, with many parents of youngsters with picky appetites and several allergies exuberantly commenting on how great so many of the recipes are. Even if you don't have to cook this "diet" regularly, everyone know someone who can't have one or more of these ingredients, and being prepared is always better than scrambling to figure out what to feed a guest who can't have what everyone else is eating. So many of the recipes you I find online are filled with hard to find and incredibly expensive ingredients, only to taste plain and sometimes down right bad. This book boasts a collection of recipes meant for the everyday food allergy sufferer, who doesn't need or want to spend 30.00 making a batch of cookies. I'll write more once I've tested some of the recipes, but I'm telling ya, GET IT! It's not a pricey cookbook, and will be a great addition to anyone's collection!

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