Ice Cream!

A lovely and dear friend of mine and I have been talking a lot recently about food and how much we've been missing particular foods. When talking to my hubby yesterday I asked him what topic I should write on next. While eating his delicious bowl of creamy rich ice cream from a local creamery he, smiling, looked up and said "Icecream!". What a GREAT idea! So, here I am. haha. Now, there aren't many "ice creams" out there that are free of everything we need them to be free of. Most of them contain soy lecithin, which is such a bummer. But, we have managed to find something that is yummy, frozen (not creamy unfortunately), and that you scoop! haha.
Haagen-daz brand has an entire line of sorbets that is super yummy, and somewhat affordable. There are several brands out there, especially at the health food stores like whole foods/trader Joes/Nugget market/sprouts/sunflower market etc, but these are the easiest to find. Every grocery store, including walmart and the like, carries these, and most of the flavors to boot!
One of our favorite brands, which is a tough one to find is New Zealand Natural. They carry a WIDE range of sorbets that are the yummiest I've found. We used to always buy their Mango sorbet, and it was better than any other mango sorbet I've ever had. They also carry a bunch of others, but mango is the only one we've been able to try, as it isn't where we live now. I'm crossing my fingers I can get one of the local health food stores to have some on hand, but we'll see.
Another great brand to try is Turtle Mountain's "So Delicious". They have a wide variety of both ice cream and sorbets made from coconut milk. Beware though, some of their stuff does contain soy lecithin... depressing, I know. Mint chip is one that contains it, just a heads up. We also heard that the hibiscus sorbet it not good, so I wouldn't spend the 5-6.00 on that either .Great things about So Delicious is that they have great customer service, and coupons available as well! :D So, to sum it up, they are worth a try. If you do decide to get some, you've GOT to try the cherry amaretto, AMAZING! :)
Trader joes has a great variety of sorbets to try, our fav is the mango... If you have a TJs nearby they have a whole allergy list if you go to the customer service counter, and are very helpful with anything you need. While you're there, pick up a bag of almond meal for 3.99/16oz and pat yourself on the back for getting two great things on the "food free" list.
My dear friend, whom I mentioned earlier, has a couple recipes for some home-made ice creams that I have really been wanting to try and make, one of which is an Avocado, YUM!! When I finally get my act together, and actually make any, I'll post recipes, and tips. So, come back for more soon. We've have a busy holiday season filled with friends, family, illness, tests, experiments, and burns... Thankfully we are beginning to slow down a bit now, so I'll be blogging more regularly. Thanks for your patience, and as always, let me know if there is something that you would like me to blog about.
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