Food for Life Brown Rice Bread!

So, I just wanted to tell you all about a surprisingly yummy little loaf of bread I stumbled upon while at Nugget (can be found at most "health" food stores though, even our family favorite Trader Joes). It was in the refrigerated section, and that's the only place I've ever seen it accept at trader joes. The brand is Food for Life and the actual bread I like is the Brown Rice Bread.  This cute little, 1.5 lb (I know right!), loaf of bread is the best bread I've found thus far, outside of just baking your own. It is very dense though, not fluffy like your typical sandwich bread, but very yummy with E.D. smiths Peach Mango Orange spread that we found at Costco. It is chewy, heavy, and REALLY good with my 2 favorite "butter" Spreads (Earth Balance soy free and Coconut). If you haven't tried either of these, you really should give them a shot. The coconut one is AMAZING in steel cut oats with a little dark brown sugar, and the soy free one is the only spread I've found that is free of wheat/Gluten soy egg and dairy/Casein, that still tastes like butter. I'll do another post on my butters, but that's my kick on them for now. Back to the bread... Its soft and chewy on the inside, and has a nice somewhat crisp top, which is GREAT for toasting. I did find that if you like a toasted turkey sandwich this is a great choice. Though the slices of the bread are quite small, about 2.5''-3'' tall and 3-4'' wide  (typical for gluten/wheat free breads) it tastes GREAT with some deli turkey, butter lettuce and ripe avocado. Something great about this bread is that it does not taste burnt, which oddly is quite hard for me to find in a gluten/wheat free bread. Not sure why, but so many of them taste burnt to me. Only bad thing about this bread is that because of the dense type of bread that it is, it does not soak up much (ie: butter, honey or other things that are more liquid when warmed), so I end up with honey dripping on my hand quite often, though I could think of worse things, when eating toast in the mornings. So, all in all, it's worth a try. We found this cheapest at Sprouts Markets and Trader Joes (between 3.25 and 3.99), with it being most expensive at Sunflower markets and traditional grocers (5.25-5.99).
As always, I hope the incite helps you in some way or another, or maybe even just gives you something new to try. Stay tuned for a post on a few different flowers we've been playing with and a yummy recipe for Gluten/Wheat soy dairy and egg free coconut fried chicken! We love it, and think you will too!
As always, with Love,
The Allergy Mommy

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