The basics for Gluten Free!

Ok, so when we started the gluten and wheat free portion of our dietary-restricted life, we noticed something... The bread you have available to buy at the store, at normally a pretty hefty cost too, is disgusting. I do note though, that Rudi's breads makes a decent cinnamon and raisen bread.
*Hint* For those who are new to Gluten/Wheat free, these items can often times be found in a refrigerated section of a store. Even Walmart now carries a small selection of gluten free items (different placement in every store, so just ask them there).
Our favorite finds recently have been these 2 items.
~Pamela's ultimate baking and pancake mix (this has buttermilk, so beware if you have a dairy allergy)
~King Arthur's multi-purpose flour (make sure you get the gluten free one)

 Both of these lovely little items can easily be found (in slight bulk) on amazon, for a much lower cost than at your local retailer (whole foods, sunflower markets, sprouts markets, etc).

According to cooking Light magazine, one of the best pastas out there is by Quinoa. This gluten free pasta is made of both corn and quinoa, boasting a better nutritional value than others and taste/texture are better as well.
Remember that unless it says "Gluten Free" there is a chance, even if the item doesn't actually have gluten, that wheat or gluten could be in it because of the production process and it being milled on machinery that has been used for wheat products before. When it doubt, call the manufacturer. They always have a helpful line you can call with questions like these.
For the Oatmeal Lovers out there, Bob's Mill has a wonderful steal-cut oats bag that is Gluten free, and can even be found at Walmart, among other natural food stores. Though it comes at a pretty penny (about 5.00) for the small traditional bob's mill size bag), it has been a lifesaver for me. I'm an oats Lover, and can't live without these!
Last note here, for those with a sweet tooth!
Pamela's brand, carries a wide variety of yummy treats that are all gluten free. Though we cannot eat most of them because of the other allergies we have, they have a shortbread cookie (loaded with butter) that is gluten free and oh so tasty!
Hope you have some new things to try!
Love, The Allergy Momma

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