Recipe Winners!!!!

Ok, so... it has taken us a bit longer to narrow down the recipes we loved most for our 2 weeks of recipes... We are happy to announce the winners, and congratulate them on their incredible ability to make something yummy, out of practically nothing! We know our food lifestyle isn't an easy one, but our "food free" community is making it's little place, and loving it!

Congratulations to Anatolia Gargruten on her So Delicious coconut milk tropical fruit sticky rice... Not only was it Heavenly, but it was safe, and it doesn't get much better than that!

Congratulations to Lana Millson for her Bobs red mill Allergy free Corn Bread. Tastes like the cornbread your mom used to make for you when you were a kid, and they didn't have the gross store bought allergy laden cornbread mixes.

You ladies are a true rare talent, and we are so glad to give prize packs to such wonderful women in our food free life style!

Keep up the hard work everyone, and stay tuned for our next giveaway!!! For now, stay healthy, and stay safe!
The Allergy Mommy

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