Updated TOP 10 best store bought Gluten-free Soy-Free Dairy-Free Egg-Free Snacks for small kiddos!

So, the original post of this was so popular I figured I should update this list for all of the new fun treats out there. We still LOVE all of the items we put on the first list, but there are a few more we just cannot live without. So, Here are the TOP 10 soy dairy egg and gluten free snacks, and if you need/want more ideas, feel free to go to the Original post!!!!!

  1. Annies Organic Peanutty granola Bars (PEANUT WARNING!)We Love these!!!!
  2. So Delicious coconut milk yogurt
  3. Enjoy Life Chewy Cookies (our fav is still the snickerdoddles)
  4. Happy Baby & Plum Organics fruit pouches (do not get the smoothie or greek yogurt, dairy)
  5. Angies Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn Popcorn (target always has it)
  6. Nabisco Gluten free Rice thins in original/sea salt
  7. Earth Balance Aged white cheddar puffs (my little ones safe "pirate booty")
  8. Simply Balanced (archer farms) fruit twists, strawberry mango is our fav! (Target only)
  9. Plum Organics Fruit Shredz
  10. Food should taste good multigrain chips (our whole family loves these, and there are a few other safe flavors as well, Olive, sweet potato, Blue corn and kettle corn)
Alright, That's our TOP 10 list for now... I'll try to do a post on this every 12 months so that its getting to new fun things to try. I strive to check these labels regularly for any changes that could harm the kiddos we do all of this for, but PLEASE check them on your own as well. As always, check with your doctor before adding anything new into your childs diet, so they are informed and know what to do in the event of an emergency. With love and admiration, for your willingness to work hard and make food still taste good!
Love, The Allergy Momma